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Weather 4 Power Point is one of the most unique drawing applications we could find pertaining to weather graphics. This tool is a plugin for Power Point that allows users to generate the highest quality surface and upper air maps for presentations, research, education and other needs. The clarity of the frontal boundaries and other symbols is of the highest professional quality. I highly recommend this product for any meteorology student, research meteorologist or anyone else who wants to give a professional level presentation.

AllisonHouse, LLC. is a weather data warehouse that organizes and provides radar data, surface observations, upper air, watches & warnings, lightning, storm reports, hurricane forecasts, satellite, outlooks, storm tracks and more! If you need a reliable source, or backup service for NEXRAD Level 3 or Level 2 radar data, this is the place to go. AllisonHouse does not use free data sources, they have their own pipeline to the NEXRAD data files, so if the free web sites and online images go down, AllisonHouse will be the only one with uninterrupted data. This data is then ingested into your favorite radar software such as Gibson Ridge or StormLab for viewing over real-time radar images. This data is essential to any storm chaser or forecaster who wants detailed mesoscale weather data. For me, this service is a must have product.

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