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F5 Professional
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F5 Commercial+
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17 Basic Maps
Current Conditions
Multiple Models
Map Grouping
Custom Color Fill & Contouring Limits
Custom Fonts
Experimental Curved Earth Projection
Customizable Cities Layer
Draw Boundaries, Fronts & Freehand
Unlimited Zooming
Map Layering
Hurricane Model Spaghetti Plot
Full Screen Mode
Satellite Imagery
Sea Surface Temperatures
Forecasts Valid Every 3 Hours
Example: 18z, 21z, 00z etc. Available
Over 160 Premium Maps
(variables calculated on our servers)
Skew-T Soundings [Over 2000 points]
Sounding Text [Over 2000 points]
Roaming Sounding Grid
Mesoanalysis in AllisonHouse feed
ECMWF Model - from Eurowx.com **
Schedule Images & Web Site Upload
Max Number of Web Images
Maximum Image Dimensions
800 x 600
Custom Branding on Images
May Sell Generated Images

  • ECMWF data requires a subscription from www.eurowx.com to view it in F5. You CANNOT schedule images or use this data on-air. Soundings are also not available for this data set.
  • Subscriptions are a recurring fee that will automatically be billed every month through PayPal until you cancel.
  • You may cancel at any point. Your account will remain active until your billed period has come to pass even if you cancel before that date. For example, if you sign up for an account and are billed for 1 month and your account is to re-bill on the 1st of the month, and you cancel before that date, you will have access to your data until the 1st at which time the data will be shut off and you will no longer be billed.
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