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F5 Client List
These are just some of our hundreds of users.

Chris Robbins
Meteorologist, M.S.
Associate Editor, American Meteorological Society, Journal of Weather and Forecasting
Founder of iWeatherNet, LLC

Iím a professional meteorologist (forecasting for 17 years now), began my career at the NHC in the 1990s, then became a forecaster at NWS-Fort Worth before starting my own organization.

Dave Floyd
Warning Coordination Meteorologist
National Weather Service
Goodland, KS

I've always liked getting forecast SkewTs using your grid map since your interface for that is about the best around in my opinion. I pulled in some of your model fields via AllisonHouse and overlaid them in GRLevel2. I hadn't done that before, I like that feature. I plan to use F5 more this year to take advantage of everything you offer. I think I was missing out on so many things you have available in your software.

Roger Hill
Veteran Storm Chaser
Silver Lining Tours
Bennett, CO

The watch and warning features worked flawlessly. Between MTN [Mobile Threat Net], GRLevel 3 and F5, it certainly made my life easier. I DID catch the FTW storm! Just wanted to let you know that I am AMAZED how accurate your F5 data tornado and severe parameters have panned out. I think you have a winner with F5 and the parameters you developed for your severe weather forecasting are outstanding!

Timothy Tonge
SkyView Weather
Castle Rock, CO

I frequently use the F5 program for Skew-T data for inversion (temperature) information and wind speed and direction through the lower levels for daily forecasting. I like the layout of the new program and it is very helpful and I especially like the resolution. I like the ease of use and available information the program provides.

Bob Hartig
Storm Chaser
Freelance writer, copywriter, editor; StormHorn.com
Grand Rapids, MI

Well conceived and eminently useful, the new, upgraded F5 Data is a tremendous resource for storm chasers, weather buffs, meteorologists, and anyone with an interest in the atmosphere. Itís as close as Iíve found to a one-stop weather tool, and the price of a subscription is very reasonable.

Since I first subscribed to it back in 2007, F5 Data has been first in my lineup of forecasting resources. It offers a staggering amount of information, including proprietary indices you can't find anywhere else. When storms are firing, the ability to overlay F5 RUC maps on GRLevelX radar products via Allisonhouse helps me quickly determine what kind of environment a storm is moving into. Last, but very importantly, F5 developer Andy Revering provides topnotch customer care, and is constantly striving to improve his already exceptional product. I recommend F5 Data highly. Try it for yourself and find out why. At fifteen bucks a month, the only risk you run is becoming addicted.

Read more of Bob's review of F5 on his blog.

Anthony P. Mondaro
Senior Meteorologist
Harrison Weather Center
102 Davis Avenue, Harrison, NJ 07029
Phone: (973) 485-5965, Fax: (973) 485-7669
  • AMS - Associate Member
  • NWA - Member
  • NJWO - Member
  • Deputy Coordinator, Hudson County Office of Emergency Management
  • County Skywarn Coordinator ~ Hudson County NJ, National Weather Service / OKX / Upton NY WFO
  • Cooperative Weather Observer - Station HSNN4, National Weather Service /OKX / Upton NY WFO
    Steve Miller
    Veteran Storm Chaser
    Oklahoma City, OK

    Internationally Recognized for video and photography on:

  • Discovery Channel
  • The Weather Channel
  • CNN Headline News
  • Fox News
  • Good Morning America
  • BBC
  • ABC World News Tonight
  • CBS Evening News
  • Regional media including ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates
  • Shutterbug
  • USA Today
  • The Tulsa World
  • Oklahoma Magazine
  • CQ Magazine.
  • Target verified - reports are coming out of this cell that there is a tornado on the ground. Panola county is in the path. I'll take that as a verified forecast. F5Data has a model developed by Andrew Revering called "APRWX Tornado" that did really well with today as far back as the 00z NAM two days prior. Admittedly, I didn't spend much time forecasting this event because it didn't affect me. It's times like this that I just use composite maps. I have had success before with this particular model within the program so I used it again... Talk about a pinpoint forecast...

    Read more of Steve's blog and this specific event that he's talking about.

    Chris Caldwell
  • KOCO TV 5 First Alert Storm Team - FAST UNIT 55
  • Ponca City, OK Emergency Management - Spotter - PC1755
  • Blackwell, OK Emergency Management - Spotter - PC1755
  • KPNC & KLOR Weather Reporting

    Bart Comstock
  • First Responder and Rescue Diver
  • Certified Skywarn Spotter
  • HAM Radio Operator [KF5CHQ]
  • SevereStudios.com Associate Chaser
  • Dedicated Storm Spotter for KNWA/ FOX24 and KSN
  • Over 5 years of chasing extreme weather
  • Footage featured on the national market and Discovery Channel
    George R. Kasica
    Netwrx Consulting Inc.
    Milwaukee Area SkyWarn Association Information Technologies Mgr.

    I rely on the F5 products for providing real time operational forecast data input for assisting the local SkyWarn group here in determining severe weather trends.

    Beau Dodson
    Owner of Weather Talk LLC.
    Paducah, KY

    I use your software in conjunction with the Gibson Ridge radar programs. I love it! Helpful - useful - easy to use. We use it during severe weather events to help inform our severe weather spotters about developing weather conditions that might impact their community.

    Kory Hartman
    Storm Chaser
    CEO, SevereStudios

    Dave Willow
    MidWest SSTRC, Inc.
    Chief Administrative Officer

    Scott Roberts
    Storm Chaser
    Wichita, KS

    Rusty Haley
    Commercial Pilot
    Germantown, TN

    I use F5 data since I am the Cooperative Observer for the NWS in Germantown , TN. Also I am 747-400 Captain for Delta Airlines and F5 data is a nice supplement to the airline weather package.

    Matt Haworth
    Undergraduate Atmospheric Science Major
    University of Houston
    Houston, TX

    I am currently a undergraduate atmospheric science major at the University of Houston and also working as a research assistant. During this past spring when the university hosted a large research campaign I was assigned to give daily weather briefings which would look at the forecast over the course of 3 days and I used F5 a lot in my presentations on model data.

    Chance Westfall
    Severe Weather Operations & Communications
    Knox County Emergency Management
    Knox County, IN

    Terry Long
    Ham Radio Operator: kc2buv
    National Weather Service Skywarn Coordinator
    Westchester County, NY

    Tom Howley
    Storm Chasing Guide
    Silver Lining Tours

    As a regular driver for Silver Lining Tours, I use F5 to help me make a daily chase forecast. I think it is great software and easy to use. F5 has helped me improve the accuracy of my target area forecasts.


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