F5Data Professional Weather Forecasting Software
2014 Severe Season Sale

Today only you can get a Professional Lifetime account of F5Data for only $319 (35% off)!
Get a buddy to buy today, and you both get it for only $247 (50% off)!

  • New: Optional ECMWF** feed from EuroWX
  • Draw Fronts & Pressure Centers
  • Circle areas of interest
  • U.S. Navy NAVGEM Model
  • Curved Earth Projection
  • Custom Cities List
  • Tornado Targeting Indices
  • Favorites
    • Build a map and add it as a favorite
    • Easy, fast access
    • One-click retrieval
    • Rain, Freezing Rain, Mix, Snow
    • Ground clutter filtered
    • Slightly Smoothed Radar
    • 42 Megapixel Resolution
  • 5 Models (RAP,NAM,GFS,NAVGEM,ECMWF**); 165+ Map Types
  • Isentropic Surfaces & Isentropic Lift
  • MesoAnalysis
One-time fee. Free Upgrades & Service! **
** Does NOT include 3rd party add-on feeds like EuroWX.com.
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Sale ended.

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